Chocolate Covered Strawberries

It’s almost 11pm and I just finished making chocolate covered strawberries and eating a few to boot.  Speaking of boots, my feet are killing me from standing most of the day. We went out shopping for groceries.  I bought some organic strawberries at Whole Foods the day before yesterday but today Costco had the 4lb containers for only $3.99!  What a steal!  I had to buy three packs.  And they were California grown!  Not that I only buy California produce but  I consciously try when I can to buy local or at least California grown.  Doing my little part to help with global warming by reducing the distance my food has to be transported.  And when you buy local, the fruit doesn’t have to be picked green so they taste better!

But back to shopping.  After groceries it was time to look for swim trunks for my son.  He’s had the same ones for several years and they were a bit snug  He needs to be comfortable for his underwater hockey games.  If you’ve never seen underwater hockey, as a spectator, you’re not missing much.  Most of the action happens underwater.  What you do see looks like a school of fish going in one direction and then the other as the players move between the goals.  At times it looks like a feeding frenzy as players dive down towards the puck.  If you really want to see what the action underwater looks like, take a peek at this wonderful video that one of the coaches put together.  You may recognize our kids in it.

Pretty cool isn’t it?  For some live action, there will be  clinics and a tournament in May.  May will be upon us before you know it and then summer. I still haven’t figured out the camps for the kids, though we’re close:  swimming, soccer, sailing,marine biology, robotics, aerodynamics, construction w/power tools, a little bit of video & sound recording and maybe animal conservation at the zoo.  We unfortunately lost out on a six week academic camp so now we’re scrambling to figure it all out before camps get booked.  We need to win the lottery so we can afford to pay for childcare so we can work.

The good news is the parents may be suffering but the kids will thrive!   Actually, it’s now after midnight and I can hear the chocolate covered strawberries and a glass of red wine calling my name.  My sister says, “chocolate is a vegetable.”  And this is dark chocolate – the best.  And we’ve all heard that red wine (of course, in moderation) is heart healthy.  I’m not really suffering too badly.  But I may in the morning when I have to get up in time to go to Easter Sunday mass!  So have a good night!


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