Check out  a few photos of eggs we decorated today on my Easter Eggs Pics page.  My son did the photography for me.  Thanks son.  We were inspired today and spent about 3 hours coloring 3 dozen eggs with sharpies, wax and dye.

Tonight will be  an extremely short blog because staying up until 3 am doesn’t bode well when the day actually starts.  But somehow after yesterday’s late night blogging & chatting online and then watching the beginning of a completely engrossing movie about Rwanda, I managed to make it through a Spanish mass, lunch with the in-laws, the eggs, and creating an italian sausage-potato-mushroom-kale soup followed by a filo strawberry dessert.  Yes, part of the 12 pounds of strawberries I bought yesterday!  I have to get creative with them or else we’d tire quickly.  The soup was good but the dessert was a hit!

I sliced the strawberries which were huge (one was 3″ wide), sprinkled them with a little sugar and set them aside while the oven heated.  Then I cut 4 rectangles of filo, put a scoop of the strawberries in each, rolling them up and crimping the sides.  A little brush with melted butter and about 10-15 minutes in the toaster oven til slightly browned.  Served with whipped cream.  The strawberries still held their shape but were soft and juicy.  Good enough to lick the plates!

The movie last night was about the Hutus and the Tutsis in Rwanda.  I am guilty of knowing that genocide in Rwanda exists but have not really given it more than a passing thought of it’s wrongfulness.  I was compelled to watch as horror unfolded for individuals and communities bringing faces to faceless statistics.  I didn’t realize how deep the emotions were that it stirred up for me until I went to bed thinking there are people who carry such hatred in the world, much of it based on religion or ethnic origin.

I think of my children or even me for that matter, who sometimes think they “hate” somebody.  But this hatred is nothing compared to the hate-fueled killing that goes on in the world.  So today, sitting at mass (I’m not even Catholic), of the few words I could pick up on here and there (I’m not a Spanish speaker) the one that struck me the most was Paz – Peace.  And that’s what I wish for all of you today and everyday.

Peace and good night.


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