Julie and Julia…

I loved the movie Julie and Julia!  If you like to cook, it may inspire you like it did me. And even though I can’t pronounce it, I’ve now made boeuf bourgoignon at least five times! Since the day of the movie, my family looked forward to tasting it.  The making of it was a three hour adventure and a challenge.  I was cooking as an artist not as a mom – it was for creating something wonderful not just to feed the hungry throng.  I can no longer tolerate beef well but I couldn’t deny myself the pleasure.  I wasn’t disappointed.  The mushrooms succulent and full of flavor, the beef flavored by the wine, the roasted onions… ahhhhh mmmmm. It got rave reviews in the movie and at home.

I love when I’m in the mood for creating culinary treats.  It sure beats the daily grind of figuring out lunches, cooking dinner, doing homework, getting ready for work/school the next day and then starting all over again.  Creating can take much longer than cooking but time seems to fly and the rewards greater. And best of all, most of the time my edible experiments come out good!

Remember those 12 pounds of strawberries I bought the other day?  The first night I made chocolate covered strawberries while my daughter made chocolate & strawberry sculptures;  the next night  was filo packets of strawberries topped with whipped cream; and tonight was a glazed strawberry pie!

I like trying out new recipes and adapting them to the fast-paced lifestyle of my family.  Only problem is, I never write down my alterations so it’s hard to replicate what I’ve created.  I know, it’s  a big problem especially with this near- 55-year old memory.  Fortunately for my family the cosmos has put me on a creative roll these days and tasty new ideas keep popping up.

I won’t be popping up tomorrow morning unless I get a bit more sleep.  Good night!


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