Little Pleasures

Hello you out there in the netherworld.  Or should it be the net-her-world?  I am so busy at work, I can’t believe it.  I’m already at 140-175% of volume of last year.  And after a day at the computer, I don’t want to come home and cook or help with homework or pay the bills or do anything remotely resembling work?  Fortunately, Christiane, cooked the rice and prepped the pork chops & broccoli for last night’s dinner.  And tonight she picked up the kids and started dinner while I put gas in the van and ran to the pharmacy.  I know it doesn’t sound like much to make a person happy, but since I usually do the pick up and the cooking, it was a treat two days in a row!  We have to enjoy the little pleasures.

In order to enjoy them, we must recognize them and be grateful for them, like — good health (even though I have a lingering inflammation that won’t seem to go away despite alopathic meds, accupuncture and Chinese herbs); wonderful kids (even though they drove me batty today with their insolence); a house to live in (even if it is a rental that has no insulation so the heat escapes quickly in the winter); a job (even though we are about to take a 4.5% pay cut and the City is looking at our health plans and retirement next); food on the table (even if I have to figure out what to eat and then cook it); family vacation coming up, visiting with the Hawaiian side (even though some of the time will be without pay and it’s a long 11 hour drive); and friends (that I hardly get to see because we all lead such busy lives)! 

This reminds me of a game we used to play with the kids – fortunately/unfortunately.  Fortunately I got off of work early yesterday; unfortunately the kids took a long time to get their things so we could leave school; fortunately I was in a halfway decent mood and decided not to let it bother me and take them to get Mitchell’s ice cream; unfortunately I didn’t realize I had no cash until we were waiting in line; fortunately they accept visa; unfortunately, there was a $9 minimum and our ice cream cones cost only $8.50; fortunately, I thought to get Christiane one… You see how it goes.  It’s really fun to do with the kids because it gets them thinking andyou can throw all kinds of kinks in to the stories – just when it seems like it’s going well, it takes a turn for the worse.  Maybe it’s just my sinister side that likes torturing the children that way!  I love messing with them – keeps them on their toes and makes them laugh.  Actually, they are a good audience.

Speaking of them as audience, have you ever paid attention to the lyrics of Rock-a-bye Baby?  That used to be my son’s favorite bedtime song.  Now it’s less a go-to-sleep song than a time-to-chuckle-before-we-go-to-bed song.  And all because we broke the song down.  Who would put a baby in a cradle in a tree in the wind only to have the baby come crashing down along with his cradle?  Another favorite bedtime song – Lullabye.  We, well I changed the lyrics to: “go to sleep, you little creeps…”  Another big hit!

At least they are asleep and without a song and a snuggle.  I couldn’t snuggle with the boy because I’m so tired I feared I would fall asleep.  So instead I’m blogging with my eyes closed.  I think it’s time to say good night…

“Good Night!”

and thanks for visiting the site.  y’all come make now.


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