hormones, hormones, hormones, hormones

I think I made a mistake.  I thought at 11 years old (almost 12) the kids could handle the responsibility of getting a new game, going to bed late at night (11:30), planning for their homework and packing for vacation on the weekend.  But I was blinded by the desire to do something nice rather than seeing how that might have been too much to expect.  So instead of coming out like the awesome parent I was told I was about an hour and half ago, I am now the tortuous mother who didn’t quite lay out what needs to get done tomorrow (homework & starting to pack before any game playing) in a “nicer” way.  I was told by my daughter that I don’t want them to have any fun.   Did I mention they have a  birthday party for a cat they want to attend?!  Is that fun or what?  On top of it all, my son is also giving attitude because he didn’t like us arguing in front of him right before he’s going to bed.  Woe is me, if I had only been a smarter parent, not bought the game, and sent them to bed early…   We’d all get more rest and better prepared for the day ahead.  Okay, now the girl’s called me back for a kiss and a hug because she can’t go to bed upset even if she is still annoyed!   The hormones are going to get the best of me!

And I’m not just talking about my hormones!  How’d you like to be in a two mom family with twins — both moms peri-menopausal and the kids entering adolescence?  That’s four of us undergoing major life changes spurred by hormones.  As if just one of us isn’t enough.  Can you imagine what our household sounds like on some days?  Or I should say some minutes.  Because as you see from the story above, emotions in our house are quite dynamic – nothing stays the same for too long!  And the sad thing is, it’s up to the parents to set the tone, to make the right decisions, to be the leaders, the guides for their children.  How do you do that when your body is making you go through as many changes as your twin tweens?  One minute I’m flashing (hot flashing) and the next I’m flashing emotionally.

Hot flashes, our own private summers, as we call them here.  It all started when my wife was pregnant.  She had been taking so many hormones, she was flashing all the time.  Since none of us were ever as hot as she was, we called it her own private summers.  Well now it’s stuck and she’s not the only one with private summers.  There was a time that I said I was having the “warms” because I would just start to feel a little warmth in my upper body.  But now I can feel myself just start to sweat. Fortunately, they don’t last very long.  Unfortunately, they occur quite often in a day. But since their duration is usually not more than a few minutes, I don’t trip on them too much.  And that’s always a good thing for hormonal women – don’t trip!

Isn’t it an odd phenomenon that when you’re suffering from hormonal changes, you add hormones to calm things down.  Yep, I’m talking HRT, hormone replacement therapy.  What do you want to replace?  You have enough hormones that are wreaking havoc in your body/mind, do you really want to add more to the mix?  My answer is yes!  I started to have horrible headaches that lasted months, it was the additional hormones from a cream that helped my body to settle down!  But this is only good for the grownups, not the kids.  Aside from not wanting to introduce unnecessary medication to any child’s diet, wouldn’t it be awesome to put kids on an even keel?

I’m actually as tired as the kids I just put to bed.  My eyes are closed and my head is heavy.   don’t even think I can proofread this post because I can’t open my eyes.  And I’m falling asleep.  So excuse my typos unless you have a need to point them out, then feel free to drop me a line (you know who you are).  Until then, let me lift my heavy head from the pillow, and open my eyes enough to hit the publish button for this post.


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    Mimi said,

    Hi Aunty Aly,

    I love your new blog. I’ve been in bed since yesterday with the worst vertigo…not fun. I can’t imagine when I start to me menopause. Sometimes I feel like I am pre-pre- menopausal. Then I worry about the combo with anxiety. I had to take 1/4 of xanax yesterday just for my vertigo.
    Remember I had already had my period at age 10….so you know what my poor parents went through 🙂

    Anyway, hang in there…hope you got some zzzzzz’s!!

    • 2

      Thanks Mimi. This blogging is fun for me to write. Unfortunately it’s usually late night and I’m falling asleep like last night. I especially like knowing that there is actually someone who is reading it, so thanks for the comment. I’m sorry to hear about the vertigo again! Pre-pre-menopausal is funny! But I completeley understand. Most women start around 40 but it can start earlier. And don’t worry about the perimenopause/anxiety combo. The Chang curse is actually something you can work with. Trust me, I know! There’s therapy, accupuncture, herbs, meds, meditation, friends, family…. any combo that works for you.

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