It’s been more than two weeks since I’ve last written.  Where does the time go?   Well, I was gone for 10 days on vacation without my laptop.  My kids had their Apples but we didn’t really have free wireless so there went that.  But that wasn’t even the issue.  The issue was, I was on vacation.  And vacation meant no time constraints.  No homework.  No cooking.  No cleaning.  Just doing whatever whenever.  The first five days that translated to 2 and 3 a.m. nights or should I say mornings, which would usually be a problem.  But because there was no work, no school, no gotta get up and make breakfast, there was no problem.  I let my body dictate.  And let me say, that my body took over where my mind stopped.  I was so tired that it was hard to think at times.  Since I had nothing to really think about other than what shall we eat or do for fun today, my mind wasn’t too taxed.

Where’d I go?  Las Vegas, baby!  Oops, I’ve been corrected by my daughter several times that it’s “Vegas, baby!”  I haven’t been there since 1973, fresh out of high school.  And let me tell you that the Vegas of today is nowhere near the desert it was 37 years ago.  I remember Caesar’s with it’s huge open air parking lot on the left (the side to park on in case it rained, since the lot on the other side was prone to flooding).  And there was MGM down the road and one other big casino/hotel.  That was it.  That was the strip.  And the strip was the main road – no multiple lane freeway, no high rises, just lots of open space.  But that was then and this is now, where casinos take up a full city block plus!  And you don’t have to travel the world to go to Paris or Venice or New York.  You can see the sights in Vegas, baby!  No, I am not on commission from the Vegas Visitors Bureau!  I’m not even into hospitality services.  But I’m sure glad my in-laws are.

I just heard the story for the first time on this trip about my sister-in-law’s father.  He insisted that one of his daughters work for the airlines so he could get free travel.  Two of the sisters did but their dad died the week before he could make his first flight.  He was a smart man to lead his family into hospitality.  Their employment with airlines and hotels has given them passes to fly and stay cheaply.  And I do mean cheaply!  I have been fortunate enough to enjoy some of the same pleasures on this vacation, staying in the JW Marriott, a resort away from the glitz and the glamour and the bustle of Las Vegas.  I loved it, my wife loved it, our kids loved it.  We don’t get pampered very often in everyday life (not that we don’t deserve it, because we absolutely do!) but we sure do know how to enjoy it!

Anyway, back to the trip.  We went to Vegas, baby! for a family reunion/85th birthday party.  There was family and friends from Hawaii, Utah, San Diego, L.A., San Francisco, Marina and Vegas, baby!  Altogether, about 60 people at the party and up to 30 hanging out together in various arrangements.  One night we went to the arcade at the Excalibur – kids and grown ups!  We had so much fun cheering each other on at the carnival type games, spending countless dollars for that gotta-win-dragon by whacking a witch into a cauldron or trying to be the first to fill the balloon with water.  I don’t know if the topper was when Brian caught the basketball but dropped his daughter or the girls vs boys brother-sister match on the video guitar.  We, women had such high hopes for the girl, only to lose.  Fickle as this family is, it didn’t take long to go from a cheer -“Go, go, go!” – to a jeer – “Loser!”  The best part of it all, is that nobody really takes it seriously — there was lots of laughter and just good company with family.  I guess I’m fortunate that way – to have such good people in my life.  Don’t you wish you were that lucky?

It’s a funny thing about vacations — you usually come back needing a vacation.  I am so tired.  We’ve been back since Saturday and it’s already Tuesday but I still haven’t recuperated.  I wasn’t actually ready to come home.  You know how sometimes after a while away from home you’re ready to get  back to your bed, your comfort zone?  Well, this time it was so far removed for me.  I just wanted to be away and got really sad when we had to  come home.  I would have been content to stay away at least another week!  But we do have to pay rent and school tuition and food and car payments and utility bills and you get the picture.  I’m ready to go again and have already started looking for the future.  But for now, I’ll have to dream about it since I am falling asleep.  Please forgive my typos as I wish you a good night.  (Just let me know C so I can edit since I’m too tired to even read it though.  And I hoped you notice that tonight’s blog really is a rambling mama blog…..


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    Christina said,

    we do have the best family! can’t wait for the next vacation.
    you did forget to close your parentheses at the end. just saying.
    oh, and thanks for not naming names…you know what i’m talking about 😉

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